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If you need help with juvenile guardianship or other family law matters, turn to Hay Law, PLC Attorney Hay relies on years of experience to help your child in and out of court.

He’ll go over your needs and answer your questions so you’re comfortable with the legal process. He takes pride in representing parents and children of the Decorah, IA area.

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Man and woman lifting smiling child by her armsTurn to Attorney Hay for help with:

  • Termination of parental rights

  • Adoption

  • Juvenile cases

  • Child Protective Services

  • Juvenile guardianship

He can also act as your child's guardian ad litem. Don't enter the courtroom without attorney Hay by your side.

Call Hay Law, PLC right away to schedule an appointment. Attorney Hay serves residents within a 75-mile radius of Decorah, IA.